Loans without transferring a penny to your account and payday loans online

27 Mar

Although it is not possible to get a payday or loan without a bank account verification, you can get a loan without paying the verification fee as much as possible. This option can be found in several companies offering payday loans and non-bank loans.

Some people ask me in emails – whether it is possible to get a loan without transferring a penny. In such a way that they do not have to send a verification fee from their account or without a bank account. Today I will try to answer your questions in detail.

In the case of this second query, the answer will be short – as of today it is not possible. Account verification is one of the main verification methods for online loans, even those provided by banks. However, there is the possibility of obtaining payday loans or loans without sending a popular penny to the lender’s account. For now, only a few companies offer this method, but I will mention them today.

Eicredit and Pandycash – two different brands offering payday loans, two different websites and completely different loans. However, they have something that connects them, namely the same company that is responsible for these two brands. I am talking about Eicredit, of course, who has these two payday offers under his wing. One more is the long-term loan brand, which I will mention in a moment.

Is it possible to get a payday or loan without transferring a penny from your bank account?

Both in Pandycash and Eicredit, we can get a minute without transferring a penny and instead we will be asked to use a special application called a Connect Account . This application will allow you to connect to our account and verify it. The program will not check how much we have on the account or what monthly income we have on the account but will verify the account holder’s data to be able to compare them later with the data we provided in the loan application. So they must be the same because otherwise the system will reject our loan application.

loans without transferring a penny

What is more, loan companies use ready-made systems to verify their clients’ bank accounts. The most popular among them is Cantautomatic or Instantcare.

Although the same company is responsible for both brands, they have different offers. At Pandycash, we can borrow up to PLN 1,800 and up to PLN 3,000 in Eicredit, however, the repayment period is the same and can last up to 30 days. What is important, notices – in both cases there are no limits on loans for new customers, however, the loan amount determined on the basis of the evaluation we will get in the verification process.

Cashmo – is another company for which Eicredit is responsible, but this one offers long-term loans with a repayment period of up to 24 months. If someone needs a larger injection of cash that will want to pay in monthly installments then this proposal will be for him. Of course, we have to take into account that the cost of the loan will not be as low as in the bank because we are dealing with non-banking companies.

Where can we get loans without verification fees?

In Cashmo we have the possibility to borrow up to PLN 10,000. The repayment period can be freely adjusted to our needs, from 3 to even 24 months. As in the case of the above-mentioned companies, in the case of Cashmo, the canto Connect application is used to verify the account.

TongaBank – and finally another company that allows you to get a loan without transferring a penny. It is also not necessary to send any initial fees. TongaBank is certainly known to you from all broadcast commercials, whether on television or on the internet. Their offer may not be anything special because new customers can only count on a loan of 750 PLN, but they can borrow it for 60 days.

The first loan without transferring a penny is offered on promotional terms, under which the cost of the loan will amount to only PLN 10. What’s more – no matter what amount of cash we borrow (up to PLN 750). Regular customers can count on higher loan limits up to PLN 2,500.

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